I have finally given up!

Saying goodbye (and good riddance) to traffic exchanges.

I joined traffic exchanges in April 2014 after learning about their existence on a training site of a program I was promoting.

I made all of the mistakes, and finally learned to build a list and provide good content.

After 10 years, I have made less than $100!

This includes multiple websites in different niches, not just home based business.

I have built sites and purchased licensing rights to give away a lot free stuff in digital form.

I was trying to provide one of the most useful free sites for affiliates available anywhere.

Very few people were visiting my giveaway sites.

My lucrative giveway to join my list was ignored (and this was not some 10 year old ebook)!

If traffic exchanges won’t work with quality freebies, how can they work just promoting standard affiliate pages?

I followed the advice of gurus and experienced marketers.

I provided real value.

Hundreds of hours creating websites. Hundreds of dollars acquiring licensing rights.

Nothing worked.

So, I am ending promotion of this site. I will not renew the domain at expiration.

I will promote some pages until the credits are depleted. No more surfing or upgrades.

I was following the lessons that I was teaching on this site.

However, I feel like a fraud if I can’t get the concepts to work for me.

A big thanks for those who did visit my sites.

My biggest giveaway site is linked below.


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