Million Leads For Free

Millions of people log into this program daily!

Million Leads For Free is a traffic program that can be overwhelming and confusing when you join. I hope to help you understand the basics of the program in this review.

The free version allows anyone to view 10 ads per day and be eligible to have your advertising exposed up to 5000 other members. If you do this task every day, you will have exposure to over 1 million members within a year. Obviously this does not mean 5000 click per day. You view ads by clicking “Message Inbox” in your back office.

You can see more than 10 ads. The program has a system in place to reward you for viewing multiple ads, by placing your ad closer to “the front of the line” to get more exposure. However, I have not seen a technical explanation of this policy.

Clicking ads is similar to a safelist, where you can click based on subject line, then read some body copy or view an image, then go to the actual site being promoted. There will be a link at the bottom of the ad to return you to ad viewing. There is a paid option, called direct link, which gives you 100% click through rate.

Another paid option is to get exposure to 5000 members without viewing any ads. You can use this paid option along with ad viewing to double your exposure for that day (or everyday if you desire).

You can purchase login ads for a month up to lifetime. You are put in a rotator with the other purchasers. I would prefer some published statistics of impressions before buying this type of advertising.

There are additional paid options for solo ads and guaranteed signups.

The day after joining, I received an email for a traffic package offer not listed on the site. So, you may wait to see if you get a special offer before you start purchasing advertising.

Free tools include a graphics editor and landing page builder.

Your activities on the site earn you rewards, which can be traded for a solo ad or log in ad. Gift certificates to some well known merchants are also listed as an option.

Commission percentages increase as you add more referrals, with active paid subscriptions, to the various services on the platform.


I feel you should join Million Leads For Free because of the high volume of members logging onto the site daily. However, you need a plan on how to use the different options available. Your first task is to learn how the site operates. This is one of the more confusing programs I have used.

Click the “Advertise” tab at the top of the page to see all of the paid options. Lifetime options can save you money over the course of several years, but the initial cost is very steep.

If you do not select a lifetime option, you will need to pay monthly or log in and view ads on a regular basis. I have more reviews on this site showcasing programs where you pay one time and get lifetime traffic. You may prefer to join those types of programs first if you are primarily interested in paid options only.

However, do not give up the opportunity to get lifetime traffic on a high volume site, if you can afford the upfront costs.

Disclosure: I will receive some form of compensation if you purchase a package using these links.