Rotate4all is a very easy to use program. The site operates a rotator on several traffic sites, most likely paid to click and paid to promote websites.

The site has a maximum of 60 ad slots. Each ad slot receives the same number of impressions. The traffic volume is fairly consistent, even when the rotator is not entirely full. This just means that fewer advertisers may get slightly more impressions per day.

The program providers a public view of the stats for each advertising slot. Anyone can see the ad link, impressions for the day, total impressions, and total number of clicks. You can also see the time remaining. This is helpful if you are waiting for a slot to open.

Since the ad url’s are public, you can click them and see exactly what other advertisers are promoting in the rotator.

You can advertise multiple ads in the same slot. However, the stats shown are for the entire slot only.

The service is paid only. You pay per day, with a 3 day minimum.

This review was written July 2023. During this month, the rotator generated at least 500,000 impressions daily. You can see daily impression stats for the previous 30 days.

The program does not operate a typical affiliate program, but does so though their PTP service. This link will give you more information and the ability to create an account.


Rotate4all is an ideal set and forget traffic source, if you are realistic about the primary sources of the traffic. During my research, I discovered that lists the top traffic sources as Eastern Europe and South America. However, it is a high volume website.

Prices are reasonable, so you may consider some testing for a few days or a week.