Joining Traffic Exchanges

Joining Traffic Exchanges

Most exchanges offer a free membership. You can trade your time ‘surfing’ other member’s ads and have yours shown on the exchange without any costs. The recommended exchanges page on this site will help you start with some good traffic sources.

I highly recommend starting with EasyHits4U. This is one of the oldest and largest (by membership) exchanges in existence. They get hundreds of new members each month. This site has the potential to give your ads a lot of exposure.

Another exchange to consider is Leads Leap. This site offers free traffic, free tracking, free splash page builder, and even a free autoresponder. It is more than an exchange, it is a source for most of the tools you will need to promote any opportunity.

Another way to increase your ad distribution is by participating in surf promos. Commando surf gives you extra credit for surfing Traffic Era and Traffic Splash at the same time . You can set up a free account at TE Command Post and sync your exchange credentials to get started.

If you are a member of a site and notice frequent promos, consider upgrading . This will give you even more credits directly, or shorter timers which lead to more credits per surfing session.

It is impossible to join every exchange. That is why you should consider joining a co-op, such as Harvest Traffic or The Downliner. These sites will get your advertising into hundreds of different exchanges. You simply allocate some of your credits in other exchanges to your co-op link. You then earn credits to have your ads shown in multiple sites.

You can always buy traffic. This may consist of upgrading in exchanges or buying credits. Some sites even offer log in ads and start pages. Another recommendation is to buy advertising from TE Hoopla, This site tests and tracks exchanges and provides frequent recommendations based on their testing. This is a good source to find the next exchanges you want to join.

A single traffic source is unlikely to get a lot of exposure to your ads. So, implement the ideas mentioned above and you will increase your chances of your ads being seen. For best results, use a combination of all of these methods.

Let’s assume a possible situation after you have joined several exchanges. You have an upgrade, maybe two, and do not have to surf those exchanges as often. You joined some programs with ongoing surf promos, and surf on the days that offer the maximum amount of credits.

You are now generating some credit surpluses. Now you can join a co-op, and apply some of your credits with the co-op provided link. You will now earn credits to show ads in exchanges you don’t even know exist.

Go on to the most important page on this site, what to promote.

Effective Use Of Traffic Exchanges

The best way to use traffic exchanges is to build a list, and offer appropriate offers on the back end. In other words, you provide a good incentive for someone to join your list. As you send messages to your subscribers, you provide affiliate links to related products and services you mention in your email messages.

Consider these three words when you create content: Traffic, Leads, Sales.

Traffic exchange users are usually not interested in another business. However, they are looking for effective ways to promote their current opportunity or offer.

So, your goal is to create content to advertise that will help someone else build their business, instead of trying to push another opportunity in front of them.

The Lead Magnet And Autoresponder

This is the content (or bribe) you offer someone in exchange for subscribing to your list. You can create this in digital format based on information you have learned through your own marketing efforts. You can also consider outsourcing some (or all) of the content. You can even find private label rights content that will cover your preferred subject manner.

You will need to create a lead capture page to advertise. This page is designed to grab the name and email of your future subscriber. Some services provide this software online. Most of the time you can find this service integrated with your autoresponder service provider.

Some common autoresponders used by online marketers will let your have 500-1000 free subscribers, but limit the emails you can send, or prevent email sequences. You are limited to broadcast only.

I found a company that lets you build a list up to 2000 subscribers free, and you can send an email sequence. You can build a funnel and sell a course on the site (and collect payment). After 2000 subscribers, you pay on a tiered basis depending on total subscribers. This is an excellent way to reduce your start up costs during your trial and error time while you build a list of subscribers.

Another option is to pay a flat fee for unlimited subscribers. Rocket Responder and Traffic Wave offer this service for $20 per month or less. The provider I use for Free Tools Guy is Global NPN. This company offers unlimited subscribers at $17 monthly. However, you can upgrade to 3 additional tiers of service, to get almost all the tools you need for online marketing from one provider.

Your Own Website

In order to prove you want to build a successful online business, you need your own website. You really do not own any of your content on social media or free blogging sites. You could lose it at anytime.

Your website is an ideal place to store the content you give to your subscribers (more about this later).

The best choice is to learn to use WordPress. It takes time to learn just like any other skill. You will need a hosting service to build your sites and make them available online. Most hosting providers give you the option to install the free version of WordPress with a few simple clicks. Click here to see what I recommend and use to run this site and Free Tools Guy.

Your domain can be purchased through your hosting provider, However, you want to compare pricing with other providers. Even if your hosting provider gives you a free one year registration, find out their pricing for subsequent renewals.

You can register a domain with any domain registrar. GoDaddy is the most well known provider. They also have round the clock support. However, they would be even more successful if they stopped the practice of gimmick pricing. I rarely need support, that is why I use no frills registrars such as NameSilo and NameCheap.

For your first site, choose a simple domain name and create a practice site before building the site you will use for your business ventures. Make the mistakes and experiment on this site, and you will gain skills to bring to your real site.

Another option to consider is the Profit Center, as low as $45 per year. You will get your own site, and a theme and hosting are included. If you can drag and drop, you can customize this site to your preferences. The Profit Center can be connected to your custom domain that you register with any domain registrar.

The Autoresponder Website Connection

You can advertise your lead capture page in the traffic exchanges and start collecting subscribers. Another option is to provide good quality teaser content and have someone come to your website. Your website should provide good content and lead viewers to your lead capture page on your site.

This method is my preferred method, because someone will remember the value provided in a website instead of some random lead capture page.

Do not be stingy with content. Remember, you are trying to be different than all the other marketers that just promote pages to join another business opportunity.

Your website can be used to store the digital files you are providing to your subscribers. Your autoresponder content should link back to your website, where you deliver what you promised for free. You can also list relevant paid content (affiliate links or items you sell) next to the free items.

You must decide if you will do this with each autoresponder message or just occasionally. Pick a frequency that is best for you, experimentation may be required (such as split testing messages to your subscribers).

Your website is your hub for your subscribers to remember you are the person providing excellent value to them. This will reinforce their decision to continue to be your subscriber. Everyone is busy, and getting tons of email everyday. You need to be the person that gets your email opened every time!

How about an example?

My main free product site, Free Tools Guy.

This site gives away a lot of free stuff before even asking for your email address.

However, you do not have to do as much work as I have done on that site in order to build a list. A good lead capture page to the right audience will allow you to start building a list.

Too Much Work?

The plan I have presented requires a lot of work, more than you realize if you have never done any of these tasks. This level of work is required if you want to provide the value that attracts other home based business promoters to you.

You need a good offer that you advertise consistently on multiple sites if you want to get any leads from traffic exchange programs. Use tracking programs to find your best converting pages, and advertise these as much as possible.

Failure and time wasted is just about guaranteed if you only run prepackaged affiliate ads in just a few sites. You must stand out with a unique offer based on the tips previously mentioned on this page.

Consider my example of giving away free content as much as possible. Some people may benefit from the information I provide, without me gaining a single dime of affiliate commission. Russell Brunson continues to make a good income, while giving away tons of free value.

So, don’t be stingy and short sighted. Look at the long term possibilities.


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