Mind Blowing Hits

You can choose from 3 different traffic packages for a one time cost. You will receive an initial supply of ad credits and banner credits based on the package you choose. Each month, you will receive additional banner credits for life, based on the package you choose.

You can sell or giveaway your supply of banner credits. You just need the member’s username to proces the transfer. Someone can join as a free member and receive credits from you.

Commissions will be paid to you based on the package you sell, regardless of the package you own.

You can purchase an additional package in the future and that purchase will just increase what you already have. This would be beneficial if selling, or giving away banner credits, becomes part of your business strategy.

If you sell credits, your must set up a payment method. The program does not collect your funds. The only action performed by the program is moving credits based on what you submit in the transfer section of the site.

You can earn credits similar to a traffic exchange, up to 100 credits a day. However, these credits become residual. Imagine seeing an advertisement one time, and getting a credit every month for that single view. This part of the site is available to free members also.


Mind Blowing Hits is a great way to pay one time and receive residual banner credits. I recommend the giving away of credits as an incentive. However, I would join Top Dogs Rotator first, because that program has a lower priced entry level package. Also, that program focuses on ad credits for splash pages and lead capture pages.

Disclosure: I will receive some form of compensation if you purchase a package using these links.