Profit From Free Ads

The program offers seven packages with one time payments. Each package has a set number of text ads and banner ads for your one time use. However, you can give away unlimited packages based on the package you have purchased. For example, package 1: You can give away unlimited 10,000 ad packages (half banner, half text).

Package 7 is the only package that has a monthly allotment of credits for the buyer, instead of one time. With package 7, you get 1 million text ad credits and 1 million banner ad credits each month. The giveway at the package level is 70,000 (one time).

You must buy each package, you cannot skip a package. For example, to get package 7, you must also buy 1-6. So, the price you see in the image above does not include 1-6. This means you would pay $397 plus the price of each other package. At the time of review, this puts the actual price of package 7 at $997 (1-6 plus 7).

Your credits are distributed exclusively though the Jam Marketing portfolio of websites (Jane Mark). These include well known sites such as Onlylist and Sokule.

Credits move quickly. Faster than any other traffic program I have used. In 24 hours, I may go through close to 500,000 text ad credits (not a typo). Banner credits move slightly slower than text ads.

Your back office will have slots for text ads and banner ads. You set up your advertising, then add credits. The slot shows how many credits have been used and how many remain. If you change an advertisement, these stats do not reset. I find this aspect of the program somewhat annoying.

You can join free and earn credits similar to a traffic exchange. These credits will be necessary to use the solo ad function of the program. However I would rather do this in traffic exchanges that offer surf promos and surf prizes.

You may considering joining as a free member, and get on their list. They may offer occasional price reductions from the standard $997 package 7.


I would recommend joining the program at level 7 only, because you get residual monthly credits. This would be my last recommendation of all the traffic program reviews on my site. You can get residual traffic with Top Dogs Rotator, or give away banner credits at Mind Blowing Hits. These two programs will give you residual traffic at a much lower cost. Also, I would put a priority on residual traffic for my personal use before any allocated for giveaway use.

If you spend the money for package 7, please make sure you have found your effective ad copy and banner images!

Disclosure: I will receive some form of compensation if you purchase a package using these links.